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Kenny Passley is a noted Photographer who has over the years, built-up one of the largest London following.

Simply known by many as "The King" or "Mr. King", the Founder and CEO of King Photographer has a gifted team of Photographers and high class assistants referred to as members of the King Photographer Team. Kenny is well respected for his 'nothing but the best' philosophy and this will forever be the foundation of his work. Well known for kindness, being charitable and often going above and beyond! Mr Passley enjoys passing on his knowledge to those who also want to thrive in the art of photography by lecturing and mentoring those amongst him.

As an early pioneer of Mobile Photo Studios, Kenny Passley has built up a huge reputation, becoming an icon amongst Event Organizers, Hoteliers & Owners of Establishments. His flamboyant  character always adds flare and royalty to your special day.

Kenny has a proud portfolio and has been the preferred photographer for fashion brands such as Pelle Pelle, Baby Phat and Ruff Ryders. Kenny is also a familiar face at events surrounding Members of Parliament and the Royal Family.

The King Photographer Team also work with the corporate industry, providing services for professional headshots and Christmas parties.

The King Photographer Team has always provided services for a huge range of occasions and events such as School Photos, Weddings, Family Portraits and many many more.

The King Photographer Team has been "Crowned by the People" and will always thrive to maintain the moto given to them by their special customers.

Contact Us!

Contact us to find out how we can make your occasion royal via the below methods:

Telephone: 07832 253439 or 074070 33777

Email: sales@kingphotographer.co.uk

Instagram: kingphotographer.co.uk

Facebook: kingphotographer.co.uk

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